Flipt Helm Charts

Chart Version Flipt Version

Please create an issue or submit a pull request for any issues or missing features.


This project uses Semantic Versioning.

Our versioning strategy is based on the version of application that is packaged in the chart:

Note: Some changes to the chart will not affect the application version. For example, if there is a bugfix or patch change to the chart that does not affect the application, the chart version will be incremented, but the application version will remain the same.


Helm must be installed to use the charts. Please refer to Helm’s documentation to get started.

Once Helm is set up properly, add the repo as follows:

helm repo add flipt https://helm.flipt.io

You can then run helm search repo flipt to see the charts.


helm install flipt flipt/flipt


helm upgrade flipt flipt/flipt


Flipt is configured using either a configuration file or via environment variables.

See the Flipt documentation for more information.


You can configure this chart using a ConfigMap named flipt which is mounted as a volume available to the pods at /etc/flipt/config/default.yaml.

Environment Variables

You can also override the default config values with environment variables via the flipt.extraEnvVars field in your values.yaml file.

Note the values must be still be named as FLIPT_<CONFIG_KEY> per the documentation.


You can also configure this chart using YAML. See the values.yaml file for the default values under flipt.config.


The source code of all Flipt Helm charts can be found on Github: https://github.com/flipt-io/helm-charts/


MIT License.